UK Home Secretary says police cuts are not responsible for rising violence

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What is wrong with politicians? Why can’t they just be honest with the electorate they always have to make ridiculous and counterproductive remarks when they make idiotic mistakes.

It is unbelievable that the British Home Secretary believes that the cuts in police service are not a contributory factor to the rise in violent crimes, especially in the Capital. She thinks it takes Einstien to work out that if you reduce the resources of the police service which curtails the number of police officers patrolling our streets then, of course, there is going to be a knock on effect on criminal activities.

To say that there is insufficient evidence to support the claim is in my opinion, an irresponsible comment from the Home Secretary, considering that 50 people have been killed in London so far this year.

I find it appalling that the Home Secretary blamed social media for the rise in murders when her government was responsible for cutting, since 2010 20,000 police officers.

A classic example for politicians to blame everything and everyone for their failings and stupid decisions. When their ridiculous actions backfire instead of being honest and accept responsibility they play the blame game.

We need more police officer back on our streets; we need adequate laws to deal with knife and acid crimes. While most of us will welcome the Home Secretary decision to launch the Serious Violence Strategy task force, if she does not put back the beat officers on our streets to help prevent crimes and criminal behaviour, the task force will fail and her credibility to efficiently tackle crime will be worth nothing.