Syria chemical attack may have kill up to eighty people

According to a media report, Syria has used chemical weapon against its citizen in Douma which leaves at least 80 people dead.

Apparently, Donald Trump responded to the chemical attack by suggesting that the US will retaliate against Syria. The President further condemned the attack via is Twitter account. He also added that Russia and Iran are responsible for propping up Bashar Assad evil regime.

This world has dealt with dictator such as the likes of Adolf Hitler in two world wars, the President of Syria is in the group of people who believe they have a right to destroy the lives of other people. Their selfish ambitions to hold on to power irrespective of the number of innocent lives they kill will be what eventually brings them to their knees.

In my opinion, these despots should learn from history that dictators have a way of not only losing their grip on power but they eventually die or get executed. I know that it is little comfort to the Syrian people but their steadfast resolve in holding on will ultimately pay off when this poor excuse of a President loses not only his grip on the Syrian people, but he will be, brought to justice for crimes against humanity.

Unfortunately, justice is a slow process, and in the meantime, so many innocent men, women, and children are paying the price with their lives and will not be around to see justice meted out against Bashar Assad.

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