UK Knife Crimes Progressively Worsening (Video)

My Opinion

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From the daily report on knife associated crimes, it would appear that these criminal activities are getting progressively worse, and there is no letting up amongst young people using a knife in any conflict.

So far this month (September 2016) the following occurs, 40-year-old Plumstead man rushed to hospital with knife injuries; 22-year-old man chased struck with a baseball bat and stabbed repeatedly.  Chessington 16-year-old teenager stabbed in a playground; Woodgreen 44-year-old stabbed to death, 23 years old arrested.

Chiswick man stabbed a woman in the neck outside a health clinic in front of a horrified passer-by. Camberwell, today a man has been stabbed during an early morning attack, he was, taken to a South London Hospital.  There is no further information about his condition or whether the police made any arrest.

A 17-year-old jailed for nine years for stabbing to death another 17 years old. Now I have s problem with this, in my opinion, this individual should have gotten, life and stay in prison for the rest of his natural life.  Why should he be out of jail at the age of 26, there is a lot of living that he will have to do the victim, was never given, that opportunity.

The question for the government is how many knives associated deaths is this country willing to tolerate?  How many more families have to suffer both the loss of their children and the destruction of their life?

I have to ask myself the question why is the government so reluctant to toughen knife crimes, is it because the people killing each other are predominantly Black.  Because from what I see it would appear they are in no hurry to give the Courts the weapon to deal effectively with knife criminals. That is sorrowful.