Met Police Discrimination Against Black People (Video)

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According to a media report the new head of Scotland, Yard Diversity has warned that the Metropolitan police routinely discriminate against Blacks, as part of a misguided performance culture, and to boost their drugs crime arrest. – Nothing new, we know that.

He added that it was an accepted policy to stop and search blacks for drugs such as cannabis while turning a blind eye to whites that may be carrying cocaine.  However, I cannot agree with him that the discrimination is unwittingly driven by performance rather than racism and led to a stereotyping of blacks.

If the police are, primarily, concentrating on blacks rather than the whole community to prevent the use of drugs in our environment, then they are targeting a particular group, which in my book is racism.

The black community is well aware that the police will stop a car with four or more Blacks than a car that his carrying the same amount of Whites, the perceptions is that number of young blacks in a motor vehicle, must be up to no good, or they are drug dealers.

In my opinion, there is never going to be fairness in the Metropolitan, or most organisation in the UK until people, are seen, as individuals and the colour of their skin irrelevant.   Criminal activities are not colour coded, every section, of our community, commits a crime.  Until the police services focus their attention on preventing crimes rather than targeting Blacks, we will continue to have these negative aspects in the service.