UK Prime Minister Orders Race Audit

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The race audit that Prime Minister Theresa May order to review or expose potential inequalities in how working-class ethnic minorities and Government conceptwhite people, are treated in services such as school, criminal justice systems, and the NHS, do not give me any hope that anything will change.

In my opinion, these types of audits are very condescending; we do not need an audit to tell us what we already know.  Ethnic minorities, especially Blacks are always victimised, whether it is in the working environment, or criminal justice systems.

There is no doubt that the audit will highlight socio-economic and racial disparities, and it may even shed light on so-called injustices, but in the end, it will only be a political whitewash, and I hope I am wrong about this, but very much doubt it.

It is an idealistic ideology to believe that we will ever have fairness or equality in society, that is a pipe dream, and I do not think any politician can remedy that fact and if they say they can do I certainly will not buy into it.

To have a fair and just society, one would have to program individuals to act and think in a certain way, given that human beings are not machines or computers,  that cannot be accomplished as long people continue to make their decisions; there is always going to be inequality.

Forcing organisations or individuals to make changes they do not believe in will breed resentment and in my opinion, make the current situation worse.

However, as I said before we do not need an audit, if the government want to show that they are serious then put in place action plans to combat racial discrimination both in the private and public sector. 

I understand that there are individuals that are going to think that I am pessimistic, who cannot see that changes are necessary to bring about fairness among ethnic minorities, but when one is on the receiving end, it is not difficult to look at the audit as nothing more than a smoke screen.