UK Supermarket, Sold Sausages With Hepatitis

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According to various media sources a UK supermarket that is only named, as Supermarket X, may have unknowingly sold thousands of people sausages and ham infected with Hepatitis.

Warning about the problem, came after scientist traced the shopping habits of sixty patients found to have HEV G3-2 strain of Hepatitis.

England Public Health reports state that the infected people all bought own brand sausages or pre-packed sliced ham.

Apparently, the virus is carried by pigs in Europe, mainly in Holland and Germany.

It is, regarded as a serious issue, that following the findings blood donations are now being, screened for the virus, as well as donated organs and tissues.

My concerns regarding this health problems are that there is no information as to which supermarket was responsible for the sale of these items and whether it is only one supermarket involved or several.

The UK has many supermarkets that sell own-brand products.  And as a member of the public, we have a right to be given adequate and honest information when there are issues that impact on our health; we should not have to speculate are assume, we have a health department that should step up to the plate and tell us the truth.