Vandals Attacked Mosques Across Spain

A media report has suggested that since the Barcelona terrorist attack, vandals have attacked Spanish Mosque across the country.

It would appear that the vandals leave racist graffiti on one Mosque, in a vicious racist attack another Mosque was attacked with flares, that send children and families fleeing in terror.

In a spate of Islamophobia, they have also targetted the Seville Mosque Foundation’s Centre for anti-Muslim hate speech.

The racist attack across Spain on Mosque is unnecessary and demonstrate that the people believe that all Muslim are terrorist, and those who support the Islamic faith should be, punished if one brainwashed individual commits a terrorist act.

When a White individual use an assault rifle to murder innocent people in a cinema and a club, we do not blame that individuals stupidity on the entire White race, of course not. Every racial group, on this planet, has it’s undesirable, our prison system is full of them.

There are fanatics in every walk of life, and we should not be targeting innocent Muslims for the crimes of one idiotic individual.

The vast majority of Muslims are law-abiding people, the fact that a small group, in their community or bigots, terrorists, and murderer, can be found in all other cities.