US President suggests drug dealers should be, given the death penalty

electric chair

Of course, we are not happy that drug dealers invade our communities and peddle death and destruction on, especially our young people, with their heroin, cocaine ecstasy and other well-known drugs.

But, should they be put to death as is being suggested by Donald Trump. It is a matter of whether one agrees or disagree with the death penalty in the first place.

According to the media report, not only does the President suggests the death penalty for drugs dealers but he indicated that other countries use the death penalty for drug offences and they have fewer drug problems.

I would beg to differ with his comments, irrespective of the fact that there are countries that support and indeed use the death penalty for anyone caught smuggling or peddling drugs, individuals still believe they can beat the system and continue to carry and peddle drugs in those countries.

Instead of trying to murder every drug dealer, what we should be doing is improving the detection methods of our security service. Ensure that drug dealers, when they are, caught, tried and found guilty, give lengthy custodial sentence.

The fact that drug dealers kill hundreds of people with their poison does not mean we have to put them to death. A civilised society deals with these individuals in a manner which depicts our humanity and not drags ourselves down to their levels.

In my opinion, the death penalty is a barbaric manner in which to mete out punishment for whatever the crime is. It demonstrates our inhumanity, and when used wrongfully, or when an innocent person is, put to death, that wrong can never be, put right.

If we, as a society wants to prevent drugs getting into our communities, we have to cut the head off the snakes that are the importers of drugs. Poor people buy drugs they do not have the resources to import and distribute drugs. The authority must concentrate on those with the capability of private planes, yacht and other means to traffic drugs.