Florida Senate approved new gun control restrictions

My Opinion

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And about time, US states take a firm stance about the ownership of guns and those who can purchase them.

Media report suggests that Florida Senate voted narrowly 20 for 18 against to approved new gun restrictions. They raised the age to buy rifles from 18 to 21 and created a waiting period on sales of weapon.

Florida Senate may have taken a step in the right direction, give that 17 people lost their lives at the massacre high school shooting last month. However, in my opinion, although we welcome the steps taken by the Senate, I do not believe they have gone far enough. Suggesting that some teaching staff should be allowed to carry guns is yet another stupidity.

Gun violence has plagued the United States for decades. They do not understand that the fact that the 2nd amendment provides citizens with the right to ‘bear arms’ does not mean it cannot be made safe to do so.

The Florida massacre is one incident in a long line of schools, colleges, university, nightclub and Las Vegas where other mass shootings have taken the lives of many innocent people. So, of course, the Florida Senate decision to begin gun restrictions must be welcomed. But it would have been better if they had made it illegal for an ordinary citizen to own or purchase assault rifles.

Let us hope that the decision taken by Florida will be, reflected in other states and they will make the laws to own guns much tighter, so they do not fall so quickly into the hands of individuals with the potential to undertake mass shootings.