US schoolgirl tortured and violated by three monsters


A 15-year old school girl that was raped and tortured by three men managed to escape and swim her way to freedom.

The 32, 31, and 20-year-old men in, my opinion, low life, held this young girl for one month, zip tied her and took turns to assault her. These are not human they are monsters.

These sorry excuses should be convicted and sent to prison for life. There are no excuses for anyone to treat another human being with such blatant disrespect, and society need to stop seeing evil men like these as nothing but the lowest form of life.

Being a parent, I can only thank God for giving this young girl the strength to go through this ordeal. The courage and resolve to escape these monsters. I pray she will continue to find the courage to face them and see to it they are, sent to prison where they belong.

These monsters, in my opinion, should never see the light of day, they should be taken entirely out of our communities, it is crucial that they never have the opportunities to be among decent, hard-working people, especially children.