Anti-Brexit demonstrators rally in Westminster

The fundamental of any government should be the ability to recognise when they are making a big mistake and be bold enough to correct it.

If the conservative party, cannot accept that Brexit has become a shambles and a disgrace to the UK, then they are either idiots or blind.

The tens of thousands of protester that march on Westminster should give a clue to the PM that the British public wants to stay in the European Union. Having recognised that they were, lied to during the referendum campaign which causes them to vote to leave they have now realised that the consequences of leaving the EU are not in the best interest of the UK.

The current negotiations are giving cause for concern, and it is in my opinion, dysfunctional, lack preparation and a complete shambles. If they cannot get the negotiation to leave the EU right then how are we to trust them if they manage to take the UK out of the EU.

I do not think that the citizens of the UK fully understand the consequences of leaving the EU. This country can never be a stand-alone, cannot effectively compete in a global environment, and the people who will eventually suffer are the elderly, children, single parent and those that are vulnerable