What – Drunk Pilot hauled from passenger Jet

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Are you kidding me, this is unbelievable, I have to read the story twice to comprehend the severity of these pilot actions and wonder if these pilotindividual are sick. 

Every day, millions of people put their lives in the hands of pilots flying all over the world, and we expect that the planes are going to be in excellent conditions and the crew, especially the pilots are going to be sober so that if an emergency arises they can deal with it level-headed.

So you can imagine my surprise when I read in the news that police hauled two drunk pilots off a plane. Apparently, an Air Transat plane was scheduled to fly from Glasgow Airport to Toronto.  The staff notices the peculiar behaviour of the pilots and determine they were drunk, so they called the police.  A 37 and 39-year-old was escorted from the plane and arrested. 

In my opinion, this is going to send shock waves in millions of flyers, as this may be an isolated incident, but human beings have a tendency to believe that where there is smoke, there is bound to be fire.  The alarming aspect of this episode is these pilots were flying to Toronto, which non-stop is seven hours and 10 minutes.   

Although not being part of the passenger on that flight I feel violated, I travel frequently, and this is going to make me question every pilot on every flight that I board.  The juvenile action of these two calls into question every pilot; we have an active imagination which can’t be helped we are human beings. 

I hope the courts throw the book at these two, send them to prison, and they never get the opportunity ever to fly another passenger jet again.  They should have the time to reflect on their actions and realise that their stupidity cost them not just their jobs but more importantly their reputation.