What Positive Things come out of Brexit – Zero

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Since the June referendum, commonly called Brexit I cannot find anything positive that came out of voting to leave the European Union. In fact, everything is currently negative.

There are families and friends that are feuding because of the difference of opinion, those who vote to leave and those for remain. 

Media reports claim that the United Kingdom economic activities in this month fall at its fastest since the 2008/9 crisis.

But the most disturbing of all is the levels of hate crimes that in my opinion are direct results of Brexit. Apparently, over 5,000 hate crimes were reported to police in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland.

Looking at just a few of the changes in the UK since Brexit and the impact that they are having on individual life, how can we ever believe that the referendum was a positive move for Britain.

Of course, there is no doubt that the UK had its fair share of the problem in particular with racial issues, but it is more prominent now than ever before, and it will not be long before those on the receiving end of race crimes start taking the law into their hands.

We would agree that any racism is unacceptable, but lip service alone is not going to address the problem.  Should the economy gets worse, then there is going to be a lot targeting of minority people. 

These are the time when politicians need to put their money where their mouth is and ensure that the police have the resources to combat these race crime.