When Love Turns Sour – Just Way Away

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As yet another female begins life incarceration for murdering her boyfriend because she believes he was about to leave her it makes me loverswonder why do humans have to go down this path when love turns sour.

I think as the sayings go ‘ its a thin line between love and hate.’  When love turns bad some individuals cannot just walk away they believe if they cannot have the person of their desire then no one else should be allowed to have them, and they turned themselves into killers.

Whether there is a formula for why some people can stay in love with each other for their natural life and some cannot I do not know.  However, whatever the reasons why when love goes wrong some individual think they ought to resort to violence either the man kill the woman of the other way around.

Human beings need to understand that the right to change one’s mind is God given and call freedom of choice. Of course, we sometimes know the situation or circumstances is not as easy as that.  But, I do not understand why do violence has to be a part of the process, am I that naive about human emotion.

I believe that one can always find love, and as long as there is hope you will find another partner, but if you take the life of the person you are with then you destroy not only their life but you take away your chances because you are going to prison.