Don’t Blame Dogs – They revert to Natural Instinct

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The common knowledge among human is that a dog is man’s best friend and in particular cases, they indeed turned out to be.  There are Portrait of a watchdog.many stories of dogs who have either given up their life to save their owners and some sustain serious injury defending their household.

However, there are also many cases where dogs have attacked individuals leaving them with horrific injuries and cases where dogs have mauled people to death.  In our society human believes that they have the ability to tame animals and use them as a pet, but in my opinion, most animals including some dogs will revert to their natural instinct. 

There is an article featured in the media where a five-year-old girl as been seriously injured having been bitten by a dog which led to the arrest of the owner for suspicion relating to the dangerous dog act and child neglect.

The report did not state what type of dog attack the child. However, it is a well-documented fact that particular breed of dogs poses a danger to human beings.  Individuals still continued to keep these dogs as pets, and I do not believe that a particular species of dogs should be destroyed if they attack a human especially a child.

The onus is on the keeper of dogs not to have dangerous dogs in their position; dogs do not know that there are laws about keeping certain breed so why should they suffer the consequences of their keeper’s bad behavior.