Why Are Politicians So Afraid of Honesty

Cartoon Concept Illustration of Funny Insincere Businessman or Politician Giving a Speech

Following Andrea Leadsom decision to quit the Conservative leadership race, I am left wondering what is the problem with politicians?

It was only a couple days ago that she stated that it was in the best interest of the country which inspired her to enter the leadership for the Conservative party.  Why would that sentiment not hold true anymore?

The media reported that Andrea Leadsom suggested that having children gave her a better insight into the future of the country in comparison to Theresa May, who has no children.  I find it very strange that someone who believes in her abilities would back down from the comment once it became public.

Although I do not care for the woman, I believe that her so-called comment was right.  There is no way that an individual who does not have children can relate to what it feels like to have them, for them to be a part of your everyday life, the ability to discipline them.  To guide them and ensure that they become capable men and women.

There is no comparison with having nieces and nephew.  I have nieces and nephew, but I am under no obligation to ensure that they brought up in a nurturing manner, the responsibility for their education, clothing, food, and shelter, the is the responsibility of my sister.  However, on the other hand, my children that I gave birth to are my responsibility to ensure they are given the nurturing, education, etc.

In my opinion, it is a time that we have politicians who speak the truth, be honest with the electorate and stand firm in their belief.  Let their integrity be who they are and if politicians are going to back down every time something that they believe in or something they said to come to light the God help us.

Quite frankly over the last 20 years, I have lost trust in anything that politicians say.  I can no longer believe anything that comes out of their mouths, and the most amazing thing is you can no longer differentiate who from whom.  There was a time when there was a clear defining line between socialism and capitalism.  One new very easily which side to support this has, however, eroded because politicians are so scared of the truth that they would rather mislead a nation that stands on the platform of truth.

Democracy has been compromised so much so that we can no longer recognise what democracy really should be and it is a frightening prospect for the next generation.

Recently, following Sir John Chilcot report on the invasion of Iraq, there is the individual who which to see former Prime Minister Tony Blair charged with war crimes.  They believe he gave false information to parliament to get the go-ahead to wage war against Iraq.  Apparently, according to the media, Sir John said in his report the legal basis for the war ‘far from satisfactory.’

Once again it is words that they used that are open to all kind of interpretation.  Sir John did not explicitly say he believes that the information presented to parliament was incorrect, he said far from satisfactory – open to be interpreted in many ways.

I believe that for too long we have been blinded by the manner in which politicians treats us as the electorate.  We forget that politicians cannot flourish without our votes, at least that part of democracy still stands.