Will Theresa May Call a General Election

My Opinion

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Following Andrea Leadsom withdrawal from the Conservative leadership race, there is little doubt that Theresa May will become the second female Prime Minister, following in the footstep of Margaret Thatcher.

I am, however, very sceptical of anyone who inherits a position by default. The electorate gave David Cameron a mandate to govern the country, irrespective of whether their decision was right they made that choice. Whatever duties that David Cameron performs in respect of the citizens of the UK he did so, he was given the authorisation to undertake those responsibilities.

Theresa May cannot do so unless she calls a general election and allows the country to give her that verdict. Whatever negotiations that she undertakes in respect of the country, in my opinion, is not legitimate. The conservative party may select her as the leader and subsequent Prime Minister, but she has not, in my opinion, earn the right in the eyes of the electorate.

Following the Brexit results, the country is split right down the middle so much so that even London residents are calling for London to be independent. How can you negotiate for the UK to leave the European Union when you were never elected by the country to undertake those responsibilities?

Irrespective of party policy and procedures when it comes to the governing of the country the democratic process must be fully utilised. Therefore, it is impossible for Theresa May to govern this country effectively if she is going to do so under the terms and conditions that were given to David Cameron.
In my opinion, if Theresa May wants to demonstrate that she is fit to be Prime Minister and that she believes in democracy and the will of the people then her only recourse is a general election. I think she will win because the people do not trust the Labour Party, and therefore she would be given an overwhelming mandate.

So, I as a member of the electorate I would implore her to demonstrate who she is and how effective she can be, just call a general election. In this century one cannot be afraid to do what is right, just and fair. Show us what she is made of and the calibre of who you are.