Why Criminals Are Used As Confidential Informers (CI)

Following the successful conviction of 18 men in the Newcastle sexual exploitations against various females, it has come to light that the Northumbria Police had an agreement with a convicted sex offender to act as confidential Informer.

It is understandable that members of the general public are going to disagree with the decision, but what we must bear in mind is whether the end justifies the means. The arrests, conviction, and imprisonment of eighteen men that will no longer be on the streets to promote their vile behaviour against women and children must be a plus for the police and the methods they use to take these individuals off our streets.

Police service all over the world uses confidential informant in every case where they need information to put wrong people away, whether it is terrorism, gun runners, paedophile’s, murderer the list goes on.  It is naive to believe that the police alone without the help of criminal element can solve all illegal activities.

Of course, some of the tactics they employ will turn our stomach, but if the methods use to rid our communities of worse of the evil, then we have to support their efforts.  

We, the public cannot become holier than thou when it comes to criminal activities, we cannot expect the police service to deal with all the criminals with their hands tied behind their backs.  We wish them to do their jobs with decency, dignity. Integrity and most of all protect our rights, and if using informers assist them then I have no problem.  The only reservation I would have if they are using criminals as Confidential Informers, they must ensure they are adequately monitored to ensure they do not break the law in their pursuit to put other criminals in prison.