Who Will Win The Nuclear War North Korea Or The US?

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The constant battle between the North Korea President and the American President is nauseating and border on stupidity which neither seems to understand.

It would appear to someone looking at these two countries that they somehow seem to believe that there is a winner to a nuclear war.  The hostile rhetoric between these makes them appear like school children who had their toys taken away and it is rather stupid.

How can you threaten another country with fire and fury and to had insult to injury you are boasting about the US nuclear prowess.  Mr Trump, it is very important that you realise that we want a planet that our grandchildren can inherit and we do not want a waste land so I suggest that you and the North Korean President start acting like human beings.

There are so many nuclear weapons on the planet to destroy it 20 times over, between the United States and Russia not to forget the United Kingdom, France and China these five countries have so many weapons of mass destructions that sometimes we forget how devastating this can be and the kind of nuclear bubble that we are living in.  All that it takes is for someone to behave foolishly and the world could end in devastation because of course, anyone who fires the first nuclear bomb the rest of the world will retaliate and that is not a scene I would like to be a witness to.

I do hope that as idiotic as the US President maybe, in my opinion, that at least he will have the decency to understand that a nuclear war is not winnable for no one and that he will exercise and explore diplomatic resolution to the current problem with North Korea.  I trust that he will demonstrate that he has much more intelligence than the North Korean President, listen to other countries like China and let the United Nation deals with North Korea.