Why Do Young People Displayed Such Violence?

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Today we read in our newspaper of an altercation that occurs in a Brixton McDonald restaurant involving young people and the police, which see four young people arrested and a number of knives seized.

I had to ask the question why do young people display such violence among themselves and the authority, and the answer, I believe, is rather simple, the vast majority of young people no longer attend church.  Of course, many will say what does the church have to do with young people being so violent, the majority of young people, in my opinion, do not have any moral compass and that is the reason that they find it so easy to kill another human being.

Over the last couple of days, the media has reported that 11 people have been stabbed to death in 16 days.  This is more than an epidemic and it will continue until as a society we find a way of getting our young people back into the church and reading the bible. I believe that if young people were reading the bible they would no doubt come in contact with the teachings of 1 Timothy 4 verse 12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity”.

What we have today is a group of lost young people who believe in themselves and the technological equipment that society tells them they must have, they do not care about each other and the concept of short term prison sentence does not seem to be any deterrent.  They are killing each other over stupidity such as someone looking at them in a manner they deemed disrespectful, what utter nonsense, but that is the life on the street.

As parent, we need to do something and we cannot wait until our children become teenagers, we have to instill a moral compass in them since they are babies and that means we should take them to church, Sunday school let them grow up around morality and we may begin to address the problem we are currently experiencing with the young.

The idea that parents, in the 21st Century are worried about their teenagers taking a walk, going to a club, going to school or even attending a social function is ridiculous, but they are a concern because of the number of knives associated deaths among the young.  It is as if parents are held to ransom over whether their children will come home or they are going to identify their bodies in the morgue.

This behaviour that some young people are perpetrating on others is not just the problem for minorities it is the problem for society as a whole and if we do not tackle this knife problem and the behaviour of our teenagers in our cemeteries will be full with the bodies of teenagers.  If it means that we have to mete out harsh sentences for those convicted, then let’s go down that road. The time has come when we cannot mother-cuddle these teenagers that are taking the lives of other teenagers, they should know that spending their entire life in prison is the price they will pay if convicted of stabbing another person to death, this may be a big deterrent.