Why Migrants/ Refugees Risked Their Lives

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The media reported that the bodies of 22 people were found on a migrant dinghy, in the Mediterranean sea.  People fleeing from their countries 

I was shocked to learn that the first five months of this year saw the deaths of 2,500 refugees and migrants that were trying to cross the image refugee crisisMediterranean Sea into Europe. There was over 1,855 people died in 2015 trying to make the same journey.  

Although these incidents are reported in the media the severity of the problem does not raise a red flag for individuals like myself;  until you look further into the problem. Then one begins to question what level of desperation allows people to take their children and themselves risking their life to come to Europe. 

These people are fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries.  Some are fleeing from war-torn countries, some from persecution and I believe some for economical reason.

For, whatever their reason are for fleeing their respective countries, the death toll is far too high, and it gets even more disturbing when those deaths include children.  

According to the report while a large number of people are dying at sea, thousand have made into to land.  But, how much people dying at sea is acceptable.  I understand that it is virtually impossible to stop these people from making these treacherous journeys. The more that reach land is, the more people that Europe has to cope with, so where does it ends.

I am not unsympathetic towards people seeking refugee; I am more concern with the fact that Europe is bursting at the seam. Therefore, it is imperative that politicians find solutions so that these people can live in their countries peacefully without having a need to put their lives in jeopardy.