Why the Government must act on knife crimes

The knife crimes that have occurred in the last twenty-four hours on streets of London the UK Capital has seen devastation and death. It is enough to sicken even the toughest.

A 26-year old Stamford Hill resident is fighting for his life after being stabbed in a knife brawl. 14-year old shot and killed, East London. Two men stabbed to death in Camden and Hounslow; three others were affected with knife wounds in Southall.

If these incidents do not trigger the government to make knife crimes much tighter than they are, then I do not know what else do they need to see to realise we are losing too many young people to knife crime.

The parents of a 15-year old boy stabbed to death outside his school has also called on the government to ensure adult sentence should be, given to young killers in the bid to reduce knife crime.

Why can’t the government see that knife crime has become an epidemic on the streets of our capital. We do not need any more deaths, what we need is sentenced for offenders, and for me, that means life for those who use the knife to commit murder and 20 years for those caught carrying a knife without a valid reason.