Forest Gate shooting 14 year old dies

Forest gate, Moore walk, a community in East London is in mourning following the shooting of two young people a 17 and 14-year-old, the 14-year-old died.

A media report suggested that the 14-year-old victim died in hospital on Tuesday at 22-01BST. The Metropolitan police have launched a murder investigation.

There are concerns that there could be retaliation and the Met has put extra police on the streets.

I cannot understand what is happening in our communities, here we have two families lives turned upside down, one has to bury a 14-year-old and the other living with a 17-year-old with according to the article life-changing injuries.

Why would anyone want to shoot another human being, much less a 14-year-old child? There is no current arrest, following this incident and this, in my opinion, is a significant cause for concern.

We can only hope that if there is anyone in the community with information that could be useful to the police investigation, they will come forward. Silence is what these criminal’s bank on to get away with their heinous criminal activities, do not give it to them.