Women wearing burkas while driving in Germany will be fined

The burkas, worn by Muslim women or either done for a cultural or religious reason and is part of their everyday attire. The Koran, ‘Muslims holy book’ calls for men and women to cover and be modest.

However, according to a media report, women who wear burkas while driving, or anyone found with a facial covering including face-obscuring hoods and carnival mask will be fined 60 Euros, £25.00.

Apparently Germany parliament, upper house introduced the new law to ensure that a driver’s identity can be, established if they are caught speeding.

I am all for religious beliefs and in particular how we are attire, but having seen females driving while wearing clothing that covers their entire body except their eyes, do not instil confidence when I am on the road with these drivers.

There may be no case of anyone wearing a burka or niqab causing an accident. But why should we have to wait for an accident to occur to say wearing these attire while driving is not safe?

It is vital that as a society we respect the beliefs and practices of all religious culture. If however, any spiritual traditions prove to be unsafe we should say where the wearing of a garment could cause the life of another person it should be banned.

I do not believe we are targeting Muslim women we are asking them to consider other road users.