A Greek restaurant shut down for being the dirtiest in the World

A media report stated that a Greek restaurant was, closed because it was labelled the dirtiest in the world.

The diner next to Hyde Park was found to be, following inspection, littered with cockroach eggs, rodent droppings, sewage and flies.

Apparently, the owner has been banned from managing restaurants indefinitely, fined £12,800 at Westminster Magistrates’. The article states that the Magistrate commented that in all the years dealing with these cases, his restaurant was the dirtiest that she has seen.

Unbelievable that anyone could oversee the filth in this place. Raw meat stored on dirty floor, food with no dates.

This individual operates an eating establishment with no regard for the public health, appalling disregard for hygiene and total disrespect for regulations.

Having seen the photographic evidence of this now-closed restaurant makes one wonder whether they want to eat out.

A counterproductive, individual like that call into question the cleanliness of other restaurants. In my opinion, there are extremely clean well-managed restaurants in our capital and around the country.

The way this idiot manage his establishment is undoubtedly not indicative of another restaurant environment. My only regret with this story is the owner should have been, sent to prison for the manner in which he treats a member of the public.