UK Prime Minister leadership under threat from her party

There is no surprise here. Anyone who as being monitoring the Conservative party since the Brexit referendum result is astonished Mrs May is still the leader and Prime Minister.

In my opinion, politicians are the worst when it comes to loyalty, especially if they believe their parliamentary seat is under threat. Their history in ousting sitting Prime Ministers are legendary, most famous was Mrs Thatcher. The current Prime Minister knows full well how her party operates against Prime Minister so what they are currently planning for her should certainly not come as a shock or surprise to her.

Mrs May should have halted the Brexit negotiations once she recognises that the country was against leaving the EU. Given that the electorate was, lied to during the referendum campaign she should have respected our wish to call another referendum and most likely she would not be in this untenable position that she currently finds herself.

I am afraid that the daggers are out and it will be a miracle if the Prime Minister survives this onslaught. According to the media Conservative MP’s are lining up like a runaway freight train to oust the PM, if she comes through this latest debacle is a wait and see.