Stop and Search, Police are more likely to find drugs on Whites than Blacks

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An article appeared in the media that suggest that the police or more likely to find drugs on White people than on Blacks, during stop and search. Blacks are eight times more likely to be stopped and search.

A report by Her Majesty Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, states that the differences are troubling.

The black and other ethnic minority community already are aware of this disparity. We know that Black young men are stopped and search not because there is any suspicion, but because of the colour of their skin.

Stop and search according to the Inspectorate is the most intrusive powers available to the police. Of course, it is used disproportionately on members of the Black and Asian communities.

In my opinion, while the police are busy targetting young Blacks for stop and search White young people are getting away with their criminal behaviour.

There is never going to be any trust or confidence in the police, notably when the reports allege that when stop and search happen across the races, it found that 33% of White was, found to possess drugs, while only 26% of Blacks.  The remarkable thing for the Black and ethnic communities is that now a reputable organisation has undertaken the study and publish the report.

The full report and statistics can be, found here: