16 year old boy charged in the rape and murder of six year old girl

According to a media report, a 16-year old boy who cannot be named, for legal reasons has been, charged with the rape and murder of a 6-year old girl on the Isle of Bute.

The little girl was staying with relatives when she went missing on Monday. Her body was found later in woodland close to her grandparents home.

I cannot understand why when a 16-year old commits a heinous crime like rape and murder the courts deemed it necessary to withhold their identity. This individual, according to media reports, rape and murdered a six-year-old child and, has been charged with the crime, remanded in custody and the public do not have the right to know the identity of such a monster.

In my opinion, in the days when we did not have DNA capabilities, protecting an individual before he is, convicted of a crime was understandable. But, not now the community has a right to know the monsters in their area and, the same way in which the world knows the identity of the victim, we should also see the status of the perpetrator.

If a 16-year old can carry out rape and murder of a child who cannot protect herself, why should his identity be protected? His evil and wicked act as left a family devastated, they will never hold their daughter, granddaughter again, never see her grow up and fulfil her dreams, married, has her heart broken, he took all of that away in one random act.