49 percent of Americans believe Donald Trump is racist, a new poll found

According to a media article, half of Americans believe their President is racist. They also think that he encouraged people with racist views to express them openly.

It would appear from the information gathered in a new opinion poll, 58% of US voters disapprove of how the President is handling immigration. 49% thinks he is racist and 55% believe he encouraged people with racist views.

The article also states that in respect of political party views 86% of Republicans do not believe the President is racist, while 86% of Democrats think he his. Also, 44% blames his racist beliefs for his so-called zero tolerance migrant policy.

In my opinion, if the American people have such strong negative views about Donald Trump, then, of course, he was never going to be welcome in Europe, primarily by the British people irrespective of the so-called special relationship between the two countries.

Donald Trump needs to recognise and understand that the ineffective and outrageous decisions he’s, made since taking the Presidential office is going to leave a big stain on the United States for a generation to come.

Any individual, especially a President would recognise the impact his decision as on not only his citizens but the rest of the world. But, when a President chooses to spend his time and conduct his business via Twitter, it does not take Einstien to work out what and how he is.

The President should spend more time making decent and dignified policies which unite the American people and the world, instead of posting ridiculous messages on Twitter.

As a British citizen, I am appalled at the forth-coming reception the man can look forward to when he visits the UK. But he has only himself to blame for the cynical manner in which he has been, perceived around the world and the UK people will show no exception.