Brexit Secretary quits over PM plans to leave EU

My Opinion

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David Davis, Brexit Secretary, quits his position, according to a media report, and two other ministers involved with Brexit have followed him out the door.

The two ministers that leave alongside Mr Davis is his Deputy the other a parliamentary under-secretary in the same department as both Mr Davis and his Deputy.

It is, stated in the news article that Mr Davis handed in his resignation because he’s of the opinion that Theresa May’s policies could leave the UK in a weak and doomed negotiating position.

A leader who does not listen to the views and concerns of the people they put in place to assist in the running of the country is destined to fail miserably. Theresa May is heading down this pathway, and she will be run over by her own MP’s. They are becoming a ‘steamroller’, and if she continues to push her idiotic ideas for Brexit, she will be, crushed by frustrated Tory members of parliament.

In my opinion, a Prime Minister who cannot listen, who take the stance as one of her predecessors ‘the lady is not for turning’, we saw what that statement cost Mrs Thatcher. Theresa May is in a much weaker position than Mrs Thatcher was and, the Conservative party got rid of her when they believe she had become a liability.

Brexit as caused so many concerns not just against UK citizens but across all political party MP’s. The Prime Minister seems to be oblivious of what is happening around her. To have the Brexit Secretary quitting eight months from when the UK is supposed to exit the EU cannot be, seen as a progressive move for the government or the country.

It is time Mrs May stop and evaluates her position and stubbornness to leave the EU at all cost. She is losing valuable ministers and, sooner rather than later the Conservative party will view her as a liability and, leadership election next follows a vote of no confidence.