17 year old stabbed to death on a bus New years eve

The beginning of 2018 and, most people will be celebrating a New year, but for one family it is the start of a nightmare. Their 17-year old family member was, stabbed to death.

A media report, states that a 17-year old schoolboy was stabbed to death on the number 68 bus in Tulse Hill. Apparently, an argument broke out on the bus that precipitated the incident.

There are no reports as to how many people were involved in the disagreement, the name of the 17-year old that was stabbed and killed is not yet known.

Unbelievable, but this latest stabbing death makes 19 teenagers that have been, stabbed to death in 2017. An investigation is on the way, and so far no arrest has been made at this time.

I cannot come to terms with the fact that we are going to see more young people lost their lives this year from stabbing. How can we as s society prevent these young people from believing that systematically using a knife on each other is their only course of action in any dispute?