Met police made arrest over New year’s stabbing deaths

Knife crime and criminals

Update to a previous article.

A few hours ago I wrote an article from a report that featured in the media regarding the death of a 17-year old stabbed to death in Norwood, South London, unaware at the time that he was someone I knew and love. He was one of 4 young men that died following being stabbed.

Today the media carries a report; the police have arrested six people in connections to these New year stabbings, which killed four young men across London. The ages of those arrested are 17, 19 and 21.

When reports appear in the media regarding stabbing deaths, of course, it makes us furious that another person loses their life to stupidity. But, the impact of these senseless crimes hits home hard when the victim is someone you know and love.

According to Scotland yard, last year 80 people were stabbed to death across London, of these deaths 18 were victims under the age of 19.

I have to support the police when they say if anyone has information regarding these crimes and the criminals involved, they must now report them to the police.

We cannot as a community, idly stand by and leave it up to the police to tackle knife crimes alone. If we want to stop the death of our young people, we MUST become actively involved and work with the police.

We need to make 2018, the year we stop knife crimes. Let the four victims and their families be the last to endure the suffering of lost lives and families mourning losing their children, loved ones to the unnecessary use of the knife as a deadly weapon.