Be aware there’s a new skin virus on the rise at gyms

Gym work out

After consuming an enormous amount of food and beverage over the festive season comes the 1st January we are, in my opinion, rushing to either sign up for the gym or continuing our existing membership.

But, hold up, because I have read an article in the media which I find troubling and scary, there is a new virus on the rise, and it is in the gym.

According to the media article, 70% of germs found in gyms are harmful including bacteria that cause septicaemia and pneumonia.

The new skin virus is called ‘Molluscum Contagiosum’, and it is on the rise at gyms. It is, alleged that you could contact it by skin-to-skin contact or sharing, a towel.

I find this information extremely educational, as someone who frequently attends the gym. I do not share towel and wipe down any machine that I use, and being aware that of course, one would find bacteria at the gym, however, I was not aware of this virus.

Please read the full media article here: