17 years behind bars for Britain’s first acid killer

warning acid

According to media reports, a 19-year old man who threw acid that splash over a 47-year old woman has been, jailed for 17 years.

The victim died 11 days after the incident; she was sitting on a bench after visiting her daughter’s grave when she was, hit with the corrosive liquid. It transpired that the woman had multiple organ failure after contracting septicaemia due to the acid burns.

A 19-year old was charged with manslaughter and, following a trial at which the man was found guilty the judge sentenced him to 17 years.

In my opinion, the sentence is a reflection on how dangerous we believe acid attacks are and a message to individuals that decide to use this liquid to scar and kill others; the judicial system will deal with you most severely.

These young people that are going around attacking innocent individuals must understand that society will not tolerate their bad behaviour and when they caught, charge, tried and convicted their imprisonment will be severe. If you cannot do time, do not do the crime, and to a 19-year old 17 years in prison will seem a lifetime.

I hope the length of time he has been, given will allow him to reflect on the wrong decision he made that day, and the consequence of his action is that there are three children without a mother and that was a direct result of his stupidity.