Parking enforcement firm suspended

And so they should. The most distressing sign for motorist on our streets is the so-called ‘traffic wardens’.

I believe, and most people do that there should be parking restrictions on busy highways, town centres, bus lanes and where park cars could restrict emergency vehicles.

But, local councils have taken parking to a level which it now becomes a money-making scheme and another cost to the motorist. When local authorities are putting parking restrictions on roads that are not classified as significant highways and forcing residents to purchase residential permits at these ridiculous prices, then it stands to reason that all the local authority is concerned about it how much money they can fleece out of motorist.

Cottage Grove is not a significant highway, yet residents with cars are forced to purchase residential permits, and if they don’t, they are fined for traffic infringement, parking without a valid permit.

These so-called traffic enforcement officers have taken ticketing vehicles to ridiculous levels when they believe it is acceptable to issue parking violation tickets to emergency vehicles. If the gas board attend your property and you do not have a visitor pass for them they are, given a violation ticket for undertaking essential work, utter nonsense.

The motorist already pays so much to use cars on the roads. Parking tickets are just another money-making schemes, and the worst part of the situation is that the streets are littered continuously with potholes which the local authorities do not seem to care about but fleecing money out of motorist is something they cannot wait to undertake.