23 year old woman selling her virginity because she was cheated on

What a load of rubbish. As an adult, our bodies are there to do as we wish, but making excuses to use your body for financial gain, in my opinion, is disgraceful.

There is no way that an individual that has been brought up with strict Christian values would ever contemplate selling her virginity to the highest bidder because her so-called boyfriend cheated on her with two other females.

In my opinion, her morality was, already compromised. Therefore, she has no compunction in prostituting herself for money.

I imagine there must be thousands of adult females in our society, irrespective of the era in which we reside who are still virgins, waiting for their wedding night. Equally, there must be those that have been let down by their partners; they do not believe that selling their virginity is the answer to the disappointment they experience.

If this 23-year old believe selling her virginity is what she wants to do then be honest about why she’s doing so and, cut the crap, do not use the fact that she was supposedly cheating on to undertake her immoral activities. Given the fact that she stated in the media article that ‘capitalising on your purity, does not make one a bad person’.

I believe in the rights of adults to shape their lives the way they see fit. However, what I detest are the excuses they use to justify their idiotic decisions.