British pensioner recover from blood cancer by taking ‘turmeric’

A media article, states that a 67-year-old British pensioner who battled cancer for years have beaten the disease by taking ‘turmeric tablets’.

It has been, alleged that this could be the first known person to recover from cancer using tablets made from spice.

Apparently, the woman from North London had four stem cell transplant, three rounds of chemotherapy to treat her crippling blood cancer myeloma. However, the treatment left her with severe back pain, and she suffered two relapses.

She stopped her conventional treatment and started taking 8g of turmeric tablets every day for years; doctors are now shocked at the outcome. The patients have remained stable for the past five years with good quality of life.

In my opinion, there have been numerous cases where individuals with cancer as successfully cured themselves, after stopping taking their conventional medicine.

I also believe if it was not for big pharmaceutical companies we might have found cures for all kinds of cancer. The treatment for all types of cancer, in my opinion, or lurking in the herbs, spices, vegetables and other natural food sources.

We must actively, as a society, pursue other alternatives cancer cure, rather than depend solely on a few organisation to provide us with medication that sometimes is of no benefit to a patient.