Storm Eleanor poses risk to life, as 90mph winds heads towards England

According to a media report, storm Eleanor the first storm of 2018 and the fifth to hit the UK is heading to England with winds that will reach 90mph.

The Met off is warning that there is likely to be disruption to public transportation and other public services. Eleanor has already hit Ireland affecting thousands of businesses and home and leaving a blackout in its path.

Apparently, a yellow warning is in place suggesting most of the UK will be hit with strong winds, while an amber alert has been, issued across northern England, Northern Ireland and south-west Scotland.

The UK has been, hit with a few storms over the last couple of months. In 2017, the Autumn storms began with Aileen, Brian, Caroline, Dylan and now Eleanor.

There are real concerns that storm Eleanor could pose ‘risk to life’ as it hurled towards the UK along with the 90mph that is expected to follow this storm.

It is important that those living in coastal areas, take precautions, to protect themselves and their family. Let’s be vigilant and, listen to updates from the Met office.