25 year old male British model stabbed to death

As the carnage of stabbing death continues to plague our communities, we have to ask the question when this senseless taking of lives will end?

So far this year five young men lost their lives to a stabbing. In 2017 eighty young people died from being stabbed, and according to a media report, between June 2016 and June 2017 there were 37,000 knife crimes took place in the UK.

It has been, stated that knife related incidents are at the highest levels in six years. The total number of knife offences increased by 26 percent in Britain.

Here we have a promising young model whose life was, taken in what police suspected was a robbery gone wrong. He was, stabbed in the chest, collapsed and died, and another family is in mourning for a life taken way too soon.

The media report states that two men ages 27 and 28 have been, arrested on suspicion of murder, they are currently in police custody.

In my opinion, I believe the punishment for knife-related crimes is much too lenient. The police, judicial system and the government, especially the government must give the courts the ability to mete out a harsh sentence.

For example, if you stab and kill someone, irrespective of your age you go to prison for life with no parole options, if you carry a knife, or injure another person with a knife that is a mandatory 20 years in prison. We have to make the punishment for knife crimes so unattractive that these young people will think twice before carrying are using a knife.