Once again Donald Trump true colours raised its ugly head

My Opinion

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One does not have to wonder what the US President is about, by now I am sure that most of the countries on our planet knows. Given his latest debacle, in calling other nations undignify names.

Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a racist, sexist, homophobic and do not have what it takes to be a decent human being. If anyone doubt is archaic behaviour just listen to the rhetoric and vulgar language that comes out of his mouth.

Many years from now the next generation will look back on Trump’s Presidency, and they will want to know, what were their ancestors thinking, allowing someone like him in the White House.

Unbelievable, that a US President could use such, degrading language when he speaks about another country and its people. It is a further demonstration of the man’s inability to be the head of one of the biggest democracy on Earth.

Former American President that has died must be turning over in their graves, and those that are still alive, I would not even begin to hazard a guess as what they must be thinking, watching the country they love becoming the laughing stock of the free world.

The rest of the world must be wondering how could the mighty US has fallen so poorly regarding dignity and integrity, and cannot wait for the next US election that would hopefully give the Americans a President that they can get behind and support.