Why does society allows prominent people to get away with abuse allegations?


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sexual assault

I am at lost in understanding why does it take society so long to bring prominent people who sexually abuse and harass others, to justice?

For example, the Hollywood movie mogul who allegedly sexually assaulted and harassed multiple women for decades. Since October 2017 when the movie mogul was outed there have been at least another six prominent people accused of sexually assaulting various females. Read more here:https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/sexual-misconduct/weinstein-here-s-growing-list-men-accused-sexual-misconduct-n816546

The former US gymnastics doctor who molested over 200 young girls has been, sentenced to 175 years in prison. Irrespective of the sentence he received, the question is why was he allowed to destroy so many young girls lives.

In my opinion, society is at fault for all the prominent individuals that have been, accused of sexual assaults. Those that have been, convicted and others who are going through the justice system.

As a society, we put too many people on a pedestal, especially if they are wealthy. We allow ourselves to believe these individuals are not capable of committing disgusting anti-social crimes.

These individuals being aware of what their position and wealth can buy them, prey on vulnerable people, and when they are, challenged, the first thing they will tell their victims is, ‘no one will believe you’. When victims find the courage to come forward and notify the authority of the crimes, they are, sometimes branded as liars, their cases ignore or dropped, allowing the perpetrators to continue their reign of terror against others.

The fact that decades later they are caught and convicted does not take away the damage they were allowed to inflict on their victims.

I also do not believe that an individual reputation should be ruin because they have been, accused of sexual abuse. However, to prevent anyone from falsely accusing another the onus is on the authority to carry out a thorough investigation, irrespective of who the complaint is, made against, victims should never be dismissed out of hand.