33 year old woman helped boyfriend to assault schoolgirl

prison cell

Unbelievable, but according to a media article, a 33-year old woman was jailed for six years her boyfriend for 11, because she helped him to rape a schoolgirl twice.

During the sentencing, the Judge said that she was evasive, and pretending she knew nothing about the attack on the schoolgirl, then she preceded to comment that the woman had an extremely low IQ.

I take exception to that comment that the woman has an extremely low IQ. In my opinion, the suggestion is that she did this disgusting act because her IQ was low. I believe his a load of bullocks.

She could plan the rape of this child and then have the audacity to tell her not to report the sexual assault to the police. Including the boyfriend, they execute the abuse of a child under 13-years old, and evidence was, found that suggest they were planning the rape of a 9-year old.

I believe that these two people are evil, vicious and a danger to children. If I had any say in the matter, they would never be allowed back into society ever. Prison is where they should spend the rest of their natural lives.

Read the full story here:http://metro.co.uk/2018/02/08/woman-jailed-helping-boyfriend-rape-schoolgirl-twice-7295522/#mv-a