Couple claiming compensation for holiday illness, outed by Facebook pictures

Knife crime and criminals
My Opinion

A couple who claimed they had been ill while on holiday in Turkey has been, warned they are facing prison sentences for their fraudulent claims.

According to a media article, the couple sues the hotel and tour operators claiming they were bedridden with diarrhoea and vomiting. However, their lies were, uncovered when it was discovered they posted a host of pictures to Facebook which showed them drinking, eating and having a good time.

I cannot understand the stupidity of some people. If you are going to perpetrate a fraud against a well-known tour operator, common sense dictates you do not leave or post digital prints of yourself to a social media.

We live in a digital world where almost all your movements, life and day-to-day activities are, captured on CCTV and still idiotic people believe they can get away with committing fraud.

Of course, some people have tried these frauds and were successful. But each time hotels or tour operators have to pay out on claims; consumers feel the impact. To, recoup their losses, the companies passed on the cost to us.

Frankly, I do hope this couple is, sent to prison. Maybe it will act as a deterrent to others who like the idea to make fraudulent claims against tour operators. In my opinion, there are as many legitimate claims I am sure the organisations can do without false ones.