Can we ever determine whether some human beings are born evil?

I believe it is important for society to try and establish whether some human beings are born evil, and what are the signs to look for during the transition from a child to an adult.

For example, according to a media report, Jon Venables has been sentenced to 40 months, after he pleaded guilty to having 392 categories A images, 148 category B and 630 category C indecent pictures of children, including a child abuse manual.

Twenty-five years ago Jon Venables was one of the people responsible for the kidnapping and murder of 2-year old James Bulger. A crime that rocked the foundation of the British people, given that Jon was only 10-years old at the time he committed this heinous crime.

He, spend roughly eight years incarcerated and was released with a new identity and on a permanent licence in June 2001. However, he was called back in prison in 2010 for breaching the terms of his licence and was yet again released on parole in 2013. Today he has again being sent to prison for 40 months for having indecent images of children.

In my opinion, this kind of behaviour calls in to question the justice system inability to take these individuals out of our communities. Why should someone like Jon Venables given anonymity, why should be allowed to parade in our environment after committing such a vile crime and from his behaviour he seems to want to continue his criminal attitude.

To be able to take the life of another human being when you are not at war or trying to defend yourself or family takes a special breed of individual. I believe people who are capable of committing murders such as serial killers or born with an evil inside them that can only be, quenched each time they take a life.

I would never advocate that people should never be, given a second chance. But we must realise that some individuals are beyond redemption, and they will continue their evil ways until society stops them.

In the interest of the public and particularly children, Jon Venables, or whatever he’s now being, called should never be, released into our community, he should stay in prison where he truly belongs.