38 year old Uber taxi driver sentenced to 12 years for rape


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sexual assault

A 38-year old Uber driver who picked up a 27-year old drunk female and rapes her in the back of his car has been jailed for twelve years for rape and eight years for assault to run concurrently.

According to a media report, the Uber driver had picked up the young woman and take her home. He realises she was disorientated at her doorstep, unable to find the keys to her apartment, so he took her back to his car where he raped her then took selfie images with
the victim.

Before sentencing the married man, the Judge stated that the damage he did to the young woman was incalculable and, have ruined her life. The perpetrator alleges that the sex was consensual in an attempt to justify his outrageous behaviour.

His defence Lawyer telling the judge her client conduct was a ‘one-off’ and relatives in his native Pakistan and the UK has written letters supporting his character, is ridiculous. He has no character if he could take advantage of a drunken woman and have the audacity to snap selfies, his sentence is far too lenient in my opinion.

It stands to reason that if an individual is so intoxicated and disorientated so much so that she could not find her house keys, then she was in no position to knowingly give consent to sex to no one, especially a taxi driver. Therefore his so-called justification that her actions were consensual is void.

Millions of people depend on taxi every day, and of course, the vast majority are decent. However, we need to be assured that the people who operate and work in this industry or decent human beings with impeccable character. Not individuals that are looking for an opportunity to take advantage of a person that is intoxicated.

I hope he will use the number of years he will be incarcerated to reflect on the number of lives that have been destroyed by his selfish actions, especially his wife and family who believe he was a decent family man.