British born scientist ends his life in Switzerland

A 104-year old British scientist has ended his life at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.

According to the news article, the scientist who was born in London but immigrate to Australia in 1948, did not have a terminal illness but alleges his quality of life had deteriorated.

He was a 104 and had no terminal illness yet he choose to end his life. There are thousands of people who would have loved to live to see that age and had no life-threatening diseases.

I would have loved to know what quality of life he expected at 104, swinging from a chandelier, skate-boarding, riding a motorcycle, climbing Mount Everest. He complains about failing eyesight, well many people are not 104 and as failing eyesight.

In my opinion, the taking of one’s life should never be an acceptable thing, and I agree with the Australian government, not allow anyone to be assisted to die. Life is precious, and I do believe in the rights of the individual. However, I cannot come to terms with an individual taking, or have assistance to take their life.

I do not think the argument for or against the taking of one’s life will ever be, settled. If assisted suicide is permitted in every country then in my opinion, it will be open to abuse and people will not wait to inherit they will get rid of an ageing relative to get their hands on their relative money.