Has Brexit made the UK more intolerant and racist

Yes, and according to a newspaper article, a United Nations Inspector has criticised the UK government for imposing policies which have made the UK a more racist country.

The UN Inspector has, according to the article, suggested that the UK government adopted sweeping austerity measures beginning in 2010 that has affected ethnic minorities. She also believes that aspects of the 2014 and 2016 immigration acts help to foster a hostile environment which was introduced by the Prime Minister when she was Home Secretary, must be repeal.

However, the findings were not doom and gloom for the UK immigration or racist policies. The UN inspector praised the PM Racial Disparity Audit as a remarkable step in transforming racial equality into reality and should be, emulated by governments all over the world.

Unfortunately, the minority communities in the UK did not need a UN inspector to tell them what they already know. They are fully aware of the UK institutional racism and the that the Brexit outcome plays a significant role in heightening racial attitude towards minorities.

The ‘Black’ community is only too aware of the grim picture that exists where young black men are concerned and, it has gotten worse over the last few years. However, we cannot and should not lay the blame entirely at the foot of institutional racism.

Minority communities as an obligation to educate young black men about their worth. In my opinion, the main problem we have as a community is our young black men does not believe they are worthy of achieving greatness. They have been stereotyped by society for so long that they have bought into the stereotypical crap.

So, yes the UK is an institutional racist environment. It is difficult for the ethnic minority to progress against this barrier. But if young black men continue to murder each other, then they are putting themselves and their community at a disadvantage.

To break down the racist and racism barriers they must educate themselves and take a positive rather than a contrary stand in society. Minority communities need to make themselves economically viable if they are ever going to break down institutional racism.