People be aware the ‘Devil’ has taken over our communities

In Christianity, people believe that there is a God and also the Devil, or what they called ‘Satan’. There is a thought that Satan causes the destructions and criminal behaviour happening in our environment.

In just the last few hours and days the headlines below appeared in the media, along with various other headline atrocities that were committed by humans against other human beings.

1. A man beat a disabled woman to death so he could steal £300.00
2. Young dad killed himself because he was, banned from seeing his baby son
3. 15-year old boy stabbed to death following an after-party dispute.
4. 10 year Boy murdered by his mother’s boyfriend after he supposedly came out as gay.
5. The body of a 4-year-old girl killed by her mother found on a coffee table.
6. A 20-year old man became the 40 victims of a knife stabbing death in the UK capital London.

These are just a few of the incident and loss of human lives that have been plaguing our cities and communities. In my opinion, there must be something influencing these various acts, and as a Christian, we believe it is the Devil.

The devil has taken control of our young people, in fact, he has manipulated a large number of humans so they could commit atrocious crimes. Of course, there are those who are going to say bull, there is no such thing as the Devil, and these people are just pure evil.

Evil has to come from somewhere and until we recognise what is causing the denigration of our communities and it’s people and, do something, to remove the Devil’s stronghold off our communities and the heart and soul of our young.