44 years for gang that smuggled cocaine in cars

A beautiful day for the people and organisation that have to pick up the aftermath of drugs addict lives.

According to a media report, eight members of a £1 million drug ring has been jailed for a total of 44 years, for smuggling drugs in various, car compartment, the aim to flood the streets with class A drugs.

Apparently, they smuggled the drugs in secret compartments in the cars. Vehicles were, equipped with storage areas hidden behind panels in the dashboard and the boot; these areas could hold up to 15kgs of cocaine.

Their aim to saturate the market with cocaine was thwart. Police officers had been watching the gang for two months; they swooped on the ringleader and his cohorts. Officers found cocaine and £110.000 in cash.

A significant haul for the Met and NCA organised crime. The operation took class A drugs from flooding our streets and put the criminals behind bars. We know that this action will not stop the flow of drugs from reaching our streets, but it took a significant gang out of the drug smuggling arena, and for that we are grateful.