On Christmas day 128,000 children will be homeless

Poverty and government

It is disgraceful, unbelievable, national scandal, and a blot on this government ridiculous policies.

Poverty and homelessness are partners, and until society do something about the number of people in poverty, we will continue to have hundreds of people homeless. The policies of this government, in my opinion, are designed to keep people in poverty, therefore, unable to climb out of the pit of despair.

With so many of our children homeless and in temporary accommodation, the only people that benefit from this crisis is the places that are housing these homeless families. Speaking from experience, I have been homeless; I know what it feels like to be in bed and breakfast with your children, how degrading it can be and desperation you feel.

According to a media report, regarding the 128,000 homeless children, it also states that the almost 400, 000 more children and 300,000 pensioners are living in poverty, than four years ago, as reported by the Joseph Roundtree foundation.

After this shocking news, Christmas can be anything but bleak for me. How can I be expected to enjoy this festive season knowing that in a 21st-century country with enormous wealth there are 128,000 children without a decent home?

The media report also suggest that a spokesperson for the Department for the committee and local government states that they are providing over £1 billion up to 2020 to tackle this issue. But, the government knew from 2011 that homelessness was growing at a rapid pace so why would any forward thinking government wait until it becomes more than a crisis to do something positive about the problems.

I hope when the members of the government sit down in their warm and comfortable home this Christmas, with their families around them, they will look at their children and know that because of their bad management of the countries resources there are 128,000 children homeless.